Residential Housing

Project: Overlook Ridge, Malden/Revere, MA

A 100 acre parcel master planned at full build out to contain 2,400 apartment units  along with 150,000 square feet of retail / office space.


Roseland Properties Company

Services Provided By H. W. Moore Associates, Inc.:

  • Master planning of project and infrastructure;
  • Subdivision of property;
  • Design of all internal roadways and utilities;
  • Detailed design and engineering of the individual sites;
  • Utility design;
  • Sewer extension design and permitting;
  • Preparation and presentation of documents for site-related approvals.

Challenging Site Related Issues:

  • Extension of M. W. R. A. sewer system to a non-member community;
  • Old rock quarry with significant environmental issues;
  • Extensive bedrock outcrop;
  • Providing stormwater management for both quantity and quality of stormwater runoff.
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