Representative Projects

Municipal and Regional Agencies

While our primary focus has been in serving private development, we have also been privileged to serve municipal and regional agencies over considerable periods of time such as follows:



  • Quincy Shore Drive reconstruction Quincy, MA
  • Cady Park renovation
  • Old Harbor Park, Dorchester, MA
  • Dilboy Stadium, Somerville, MA

III City of Quincy

(Over 20 years of continual service)

  • Burgin Parkway Extension Project, Quincy, MA
  • Newport Avenue Extension, Quincy, MA
  • City wide infiltration inflow study and report
  • Riccutti Drive planning and engineering
  • Quincy Sanitary land fill planning and Engineering
  • Quincy City Hall Plaza planning, design and engineering
  • Miles of street renovations and improvements
  • Pine Hill Cemetery Expansion Project

IV City of Woburn Redevelopment Authority (Over 20 years of continual service)

  • Design and engineering of street systems in Woburn Redevelopment Authority Industrial Park.
  • Redevelopment Authority agent offering consulting assistance, site planning and engineering customized to their particular needs on available site within the park.

V City of Brockton (Over 25 years of continual service)

VI City of Boston

  • South End Renewal Area – Douglass Plaza street improvements
  • Long Island water systems analysis
  • Boston Public Facilities – site investigations
  • Mission Main – roadway improvements
  • Douglass Plaza – street and plaza improvements
  • Edgewood Street Police Station, Roxbury, MA
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