Representative Projects

Expert Witness & Testimony

Often times there is a significant difference between what government agencies choose to offer for property taken by eminent domain, and what the owner believes their property is worth. Successful presentation of the owner’s position in these disputes require the preparation of competent, well presented and rigourously defended highest and best use plans in a challenging hostile atmosphere. Several such cases for which we have provided this service include:

  • Squantum Marina, Boston Edison vs. M.D.C., Quincy, MA
  • Dorchester Drive-In, Verechi Family vs. M.D.C., Dorchester, MA
  • Burning Dump, Verechi Family vs. M.D.C., Dorchester, MA
  • Hanna vs. Mass Turnpike, Framingham, MA
  • Yankee Heights I vs. M.D.C., Quincy, MA
  • Yankee Heights II vs. M.D.C., Quincy, MA
  • School Street, Arthur Simon vs. M.D.C., Quincy, MA
  • Bunker Hill Quarry Site vs. M.D.C., Quincy, MA
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