Representative Projects

Developing competent land use feasibility plans and studies has become a process requiring an ever increasing amount and variety of skills and experiences. The continual changing and compounding regulatory constraints require on going attention and current knowledge of regulations. Furthermore, as potentially developable land grows more scarce, most of what is available provides a variety of uniquely challenging conditions such as irregular parcel shapes, severe topography, bedrock, wetlands etc. More complex traffic and access issues, utilities adequacy and drainage provisions also add to the challenges of land development.

With developable land so scarce and costly, it is essential that the planning for its utilization demonstrate its maximum potential consistent with the regulatory constraints and the various other factors stated above. Both overstated and understated development potential can be disastrous for the client. Therefore, the master plan / land plan / site plan must respond competently and judiciously to every constraint and to every possible potential which is indigenous to the property and its location. Only through a thorough knowledge of the relevant regulations, application of strong innovative skills, and an extense and in depth training, understanding and experience in dealing with the many technical site-specific issues, can such a plan be provided.

This is perhaps the hallmark product of this office. This is what our many developer / land owner clients call us for, usually asking simply, “ how many square feet / units can we get on this property”, be it one acre or several hundred acres. We relish this challenge and are able to respond quickly and efficiently because of the many hundreds of such challenges we have experienced. Most often, the challenges continue through to approval and completion of construction drawings of the project which was conceived as a result of that simple original request.

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