Office, Commercial and Industrial

Project: Canton Commerce Center, Canton, MA

A 300 acre industrial park, accommodating over one million square feet of building floor area.


Northland Investment Corporation et. al., State Street Bank

Services Provided By H. W. Moore Associates, Inc.:

  • Master planning of a major portion of the park;
  • Subdivision of the property;
  • Engineering a major portion of the street system;
  • Engineering of individual site plans;
  • Preparation of documents for most of the site-related regulatory approvals.

Challenging Site Related Issues:

  • Economically and efficiently engineering sites in a depleted gravel pit filled with rock and stump dumps, shallow water table and miles of severely undulating wetland perimeters;
  • Creating a master stormwater management plan and design, which eliminated ambient downstream flooding from a large watershed as well as mitigated the site development drainage impacts.
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